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Lovely lights

Hello Lovelies!

We need to talk.

Have you been seeing those facebook and instagram posts that say how many weekends until Christmas? I’m not even going to put the number in. I don’t want to freak anyone out with that detail, including myself.

I really love Christmas and the end-of-year glow. It’s a beautiful and magical time. My Beloved’s birthday is right after Christmas too. So this year, I’m getting organised so I can enjoy it fully. I say that every year. But this time I really am.

Ok, the truth is that I have to. Orders are coming in and my work is also in two shops at the moment, so I’m busy in the studio. And to be honest, I’d rather be in my studio than out trawling the shops.
So, how am I going to sort it?

I have a cunning plan. It’s called the interwebs. And I’m gonna shop it till I drop (my glass of wine, that is). No need to dress. No need to put on my eyebrows (pale brow anxiety… another story). Just sit on the couch in my trakkies with my wine and a big pile of cushions next to me so Beloved can’t see what I’m up to. Gonna give my Etsy Australia handmaking sisters and brothers some love. And I’m gonna start this week. Handmade loveliness takes time.


How are you going to sort it? I’d love to hear.

Jayne xx

p.s. If I can help you sort some of your gifts, you know where to find me! I still have room for more orders and I would love to help : )

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