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Jayne Traeger-Bliss, owner of Gingerdoll Studio
Jayne in the studio
Jayne in the studio
In the studio

I am Jayne Traeger-Bliss from Melbourne, Australia.

I make distinctive contemporary jewellery using polymer clay. My work is bold, colourful and often a little quirky.


My jewellery makes a statement, and creates interest. The combination of patterns, textures and colours evokes the raw beauty of the natural world. Like nature, it is striking and timeless, sometimes delicate, at other times forceful.

Each piece of my jewellery is a portable artwork. I create treasures to be cherished over time rather than disposable fashion items. Each piece is intended to be a pleasure. A pleasure to wear, a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to talk about. My work draws the viewer in, and it is often the starting point of conversations. A way to connect with people around you through the medium of art.


Each piece is designed and made by me in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia, with great passion, care and attention to detail.

Nature is my inspiration, and I draw on its wonderful catalogue of pattern, texture and colour to create my work. I collect sea shells, pebbles, seed pods and fallen leaves, turning them into moulds or stamps to create the patterns and textures in my work.

Quality is paramount in my work – I do not compromise by cutting corners with low-cost materials. My work is made to last and be treasured for many years. I value and support local business and purchase my materials from Australian suppliers. I am passionate about protecting our environment and work hard to leave a light footprint on the planet. To this end, I am working towards converting to solar power.


I haven’t always worked as an artist. I pursued academic studies for many years, and I’m fluent in Japanese.   I worked at various jobs ranging from software developer, to facilitating online university study and even a stint in an embassy overseas.

I have always been a maker though, and I love both the creative process as well as mastering new technical skills. It’s an innate passion, and gives me endless pleasure. The love of playing in my Mum’s button box as a child, keeping her company as she sewed, gave me an insatiable thirst for all things textile and haberdashery. My fabric stash is enormous and I love to sew.   I have dabbled in many arts and crafts, but once I tried jewellery making I knew that things were getting serious.

I started with stringing beads, but soon realised I needed to lift the constraints of working with pre-made components to allow myself more opportunity for self-expression. So I took a course in metalsmithing. I was in love. But only for a while, because polymer clay crossed my path. Polymer provides the wonderful possibilities of form and texture that are present in metal, but it has colour. My holy trinity – form, texture and colour.

So, as interesting as all my corporate jobs were, something didn’t feel quite right. In amongst having babies and being a full-time nurturer, a shift happened. The art needed to get out, and it was becoming clear to me that it was going to have its own way in spectacular fashion. So here I am in my dream job. Professional artist. And it’s wonderful.