Polymer clay is durable, but please take reasonable care as rough treatment may result in damage.  Be kind to your piece and it will last forever. 


Jewellery likes to be the last thing put on and the first thing taken off.  This also avoids clothing snags.

If necessary, clean with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth or sponge.  Don’t immerse in water.

Apply personal grooming products (makeup, sunscreen, perfume, hairspray etc) and allow to dry prior to putting on your jewellery.

Do not expose to excessive heat or sunlight (e.g. car dashboard, very hot water, left out in hot sun).  This could result in permanent distortion of the shape.

Do not expose to acids such as vinegar, or cleaning agents containing abrasives or strong chemicals such as bleach, dyes, ammonia or chlorine.

Do not expose to nail polish remover / acetone.

Do not use commercial jewellery cleaning machines.

Store your jewellery where it won’t get scratched or bumped about.  Polymer jewellery enjoys alone time when it’s not out and about wowing the crowd.

Sterling silver earwires can be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth.

Don’t stretch the cord.  It is designed to have a small amount of give, but not to be stretched repeatedly.

Grasp the cord to adjust your necklace, rather than the small end-toggles. (You may need to pull on the toggles a little to access the cord, depending on how close the slider bead is to the end of the cord. This is fine.  When there is enough cord to hold, switch over and pull on the cord.)