Long Flow Earrings Black / Gold / White


These handmade earrings have a clean, simple graphic pattern in black and white with a dash of vibrant, shimmering gold.  A simple and elegant silhouette, with a bold and modern aesthetic.



This item is handmade, so no two are identical.  The pattern will be very similar to the one pictured, but just different enough to be a unique one-of-a-kind.  Just like you. The general shape, colour and size of the item will be as pictured.

I have taken great care in ensuring the colours in the photos are as close as possible to the original, however please allow for differences in screen displays.

These slimline earrings are so light that you’ll hardly notice them (less than 5 grams per earring!).  But what they lack in weight they make up for in visual impact.

The front is silky smooth with a satin finish.  The back is finely textured.

The handmade earwires are crafted from jewellers’ grade titanium.  Titanium is suitable for people with nickel sensitivity and suits almost everyone – even the most sensitive.  It doesn’t tarnish, and has a soft, silver-grey lustre. It’s not super-shiny like polished silver so it blends into the background and allows the main design element to take centre stage.

Measurements: (please note that this is a guide only.   I make each item by hand so each one is unique and will vary a small amount.)

Earring bead: Approximately 7.4cm long, 1cm wide, 4mm thick.

Weight: approximately 5 g per earring.  Super light!


Polymer clay

Titanium earwires.

Care instructions are available in the ABOUT section.

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